Everything You Need To Know About The Money Transfer Services


Caught in the web of life, many prefer to go overseas for better education and employment. However, many lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Many of your beloved ones in foreign countries might be in a financial crisis. As a well-wisher for your close ones who are abroad, you might think of helping them out with cash. If you are someone who is worried about your dear ones living overseas, opt for the money transfer services in Gurgaon. Reputed companies such as RRSB Forex have made it easier for their clients to transfer money with their fast service. Read below to know, how money transfer agencies can be the saviour of your loved ones stranded on foreign shores -

What are the major services provided by the money transfer services?

Most of the companies for foreign money transfer from Gurgaon offer the following services -

  • International money transfer/wire transfer
  • Forex travel cards
  • Different types of loan
  • Insurance service
  • Foreign currency exchange (Selling and Buying) through a trading platform

How can a forex travel card help?

One of the main services offered by a reputed money transfer or currency exchange company is forex travel cards. A forex travel card works as an ATM card when one is offshore. It carries the dry foreign cash. If you want to help your friends or family members financially then a travel card would be a great choice. You can send money and they can encash that through travel cards. If they already have one, then it becomes easier for you to send them money. Especially, if you are worried about someone who is a student there, then you can consider this option. Carrying a travel card is better than carrying liquid money. It is safe and easy to make transactions.

How many days does a service of foreign money transfer from Gurgaon take?

Generally, international wire transfers take five working days. Many companies take more than that and some take less. Authorized companies such as RRSB Forex process that within three working days. When you are sending money out of concern, your utmost priority would be to opt for the fastest service. Choose a company that understands your priority.

Why is it better to opt for a money remittance company than a bank?

Since money remittance is not the only business operation of a bank, they generally do not offer lucrative deals. Also, banks might take longer than that of a remittance company. If you avail of services of companies such as RRSB Forex, you get reward points and several other benefits. If time is important, then better to

What should you consider before opting for money transfer services?

1. Authorization - To send your hard-earned money offshore, you need reliable hands. The easiest way to find a reliable money transfer service is by checking whether they are authorized or not. A reputed forex company should be authorized to any nationalized bank. It is better to find one that is RBI authorized.

2. Charges - Often consumers fall prey to steep hidden charges. Many companies do not inform their customers beforehand about their fees. Before availing of the service, make sure to ask the price and a price breakdown.

3. Reviews - Read the experiences of the company’s existing customers. It will help you in understanding the terms and conditions of the particular company. Therefore, it will become easier for you to choose one.  

Find a reliable service provider. You can opt for the money transfer service in Gurgaon from RRSB Forex. The company has earned the trust of its customers for more than a century. However, have a cross-check on any company you are considering.

Summary - Are you worried about your near and dear ones who are going through a financial crisis abroad? Help them out with a reliable money transfer service. A money transfer service can help you out with international wire transfers, travel cards, loans and insurance.

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