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Travel Cards

When Travelling Abroad, Switch Your Credit and Debit Cards With Our Multi-Currency Forex Travel Cards. It’s That Simple!

RRSB Forex offers versatile forex travel cards to make travelling abroad, easier. These cards are powered by either Visa or MasterCard, which means that they will be accepted anywhere! Our multi-currency foreign travel cards are pre-loaded with money and come with a plethora of benefits. All you need to do is switch with your usual credit or debit card to enjoy the advantages of our travel cards!

Features of RRSB Forex Travel Cards
Multi-Currency Forex Travel Cards Without Any Hidden or Cross-Currency Charges

Why pay steep charges that come with international credit and debit cards? The versatile forex travel cards from RRSB Forex does away with levying surcharges and lets you exchange currencies for absolutely free at the interbank exchange rates!

Use ATMs Internationally With Nominal Charges

While credit and debit cards invite a big ATM charge, the RRSB Forex travel cards help to reduce it to a much more nominal figure. Save as much as you can with our forex travel cards while withdrawing cash at ATMs across the globe. The ATM/POS PIN comes in the forex travel card kit. No need to freak out if you lose it because it can be generated easily, online with the help of customer support!

RRSB’s Multi-Currency Forex Travel Cards Are Accepted All Across the Globe

The forex travel cards issued by RRSB Forex are accepted all over the world. Over 22 lac ATMs worldwide and 7 lac point of sale outlets means a truly global card to travel to anywhere in the world!

Multi-Currencies Really Translates to a Wide Number of Currencies

RRSB Forex exceeds the expectation of customers with our multi-currency forex travel cards. With the ability to hold as many as 15 major currencies of countries across the world, these forex travel cards live up to their name of multi-currency. Use these cards with freedom in multiple countries without any hassle!

Exchange Rates That Are Pre-Fixed

Credit and debit cards are very risky to use internationally. The exchange rates levied on these cards are unknown and vague. Forex travel cards are the way to avoid such a situation as their rates are fixed in advance! Say goodbye to the unpleasant surprises that the unknown rates spring on you!

Easy Recharging and Unloading

Forex travel cards can be easily recharged even while travelling across borders. Enjoy uninterrupted wanderlust and when you come back to India, simply unload it and obtain your remaining balance in Indian Rupees

Wondering About The Safest Way to Carry Money in Foreign Countries? Look No Further than Forex Travel Cards From RRSB Forex!

State of the Art Security:

Secured under the watchful guard of security chips and PINs, our forex travel cards are safe from being stolen or standing a chance of being counterfeit

Covered By Complementary Insurance:

RRSB Forex’s foreign travel cards come covered with accidental, theft, assault and fraud protection insurance up to a certain limit.

Track Your Expenses and Stay Updated:

With notifications reaching you by SMS/email, you have the power to stay updated and keep track of your spendings and transactions. Not only does this prevent fraud, but it also helps you plan and strategise your spendings.

Enjoy Support 24x7:

We understand what it feels like to get stranded in a foreign land. But there is no need to worry as the support team at RRSB Forex is always there beside you to help you get out of any pickle!

What is A Forex Travel Card?

When travelling abroad, the most convenient way to keep foreign currency on hand is to carry a forex travel card to cover the expenses. A forex travel card is a prepaid foreign currency card. This card can be loaded with a pre-determined sum of money. As a result of this, you can use the card to pay for your bills when travelling abroad rather than carrying cash. Forex travel cards are a safer and unquestionably superior method of storing and carrying foreign currency.

A forex travel card is just like any other prepaid cards, such as a debit card. With a forex card, you have the option of filling your account with funds in a foreign currency. As it has been approved all over the world, you can use your RRSB Forex foreign travel card for a variety of purposes, be it paying bills or withdrawing money from a foreign currency ATM.

Things to Know Before Buying And Using A Forex Travel Card From RRSB Forex:

Forex travel cards are a relatively new and advanced facility that is offered by RRSB Forex. It is important to keep a few things in mind to get to know forex travel cards better and use them well.

Daily Usage Limit:

Most forex travel cards have a daily usage limit on them and yours may not be any different. The daily usage limit takes both, spending with the card as well as withdrawal from the ATM into account. It is better to know what kinds of limits are there before going on your travel. This will affect better management while using.

Transaction Charges

Transaction charge is the most important thing to check and confirm when you want to purchase a forex travel card. The charges and fees that may be levied on your forex travel card can depend on a lot of things. Among these, the issuer and the nature of the transactions are quite major factors. The transactions that can invite charges include cash withdrawal charges from ATM, charges levied against balance enquiry, charges levied against statement request, fee for issuing a replacement card, and charges levied against cross-currency markup, etc.

You should be well aware of these charges before purchasing and using a forex travel card. When you know all the charges and the fees that have to be borne by you for using a foreign travel card, you can compare the same across the various offerings in the market and decide upon the option which will best suit your requirements.

Smart and Advanced Features:

A modern-day forex travel card has changed a lot from when it used to be just a travel card. Nowadays, forex travel cards are loaded with quite a number of useful and advanced features. Not only advanced and smart features, but the cards boasts enhanced security elements as well. If you want to purchase a forex travel card in Delhi, Punjab or Gurgaon for your next trip abroad, then make sure the features such as contactless payment, multi-currency support, adequate security measures like security chips, PINs and direct block facility etc. are available on the card. This will help to improve your quality of experience.

Process of Activation:

Activation of forex travel cards hangs on a number of important factors. Delivery times are a crucial part of activation and if you are on a short notice period, long delivery times would simply not be ideal. The time required to reload money on and unload money from the forex travel card should also be factored in. This evaluates how suitable the travel card is for your spending style.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance coverage is a must for forex travel cards while travelling abroad. This helps the user to get out of tricky and complicated situations without much of a hassle and does not let a foreign trip go sour because of any incident related to the travel card. While buying any forex travel card, you must make sure that it comes with insurance coverage for loss, theft and counterfeiting cases. Also, make sure that the limit of insurance coverage is a respectable and adequate one so that you do not have to face any unwelcoming situation. Some forex travel cards also come with additional coverage in terms of assault at ATM insurance, robbery insurance and insurance for medical expenses. Thus, it is good to know what you might have covered and be more worry-free to be enjoying your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: The following documents are required to purchase a forex card in India:

  • (a) Passport
  • (b) Visa
  • (c) Confirmed Air Ticket
  • (d) PAN Card Details

These are quite sensitive documents and RRSB Forex ensures the safety of the same with the latest advancements in security technology. All servers and databases are under the wraps of the latest encryptions and protocols, making it impossible for these documents to fall into the wrong hands.

2. Where can I purchase a forex travel card in India?

A: Forex travel cards are issued by banks as well as forex companies like RRSB Forex. The forex travel cards issued by RRSB Forex has more features compared to ones issued by banks. They also invite lower charges and come with insurance coverage when compared to the ones issued by banks.

3. What are the benefits of using a forex travel card from RRSB Forex?

A: There are many benefits such as:

  • (a) Best Overseas Payment Option: A forex travel card is safer than cash while being cheaper than other cards and as convenient as your debit or credit card.
  • (b) Best Forex Rates: The foreign currency exchange rates for a forex travel card are better than foreign currency cash. Switching currency and doing transaction can all be availed at the inter-bank rates.
  • (c) Convenience: Forex travel cards are easy to carry when compared to a stack of cash. These cards can be purchased and then reloaded from a foreign land with money as and when required. You can also encash the remaining balance on the card when you return back to India.
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