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General & Life Insurance

Life Insurance Service

Life insurance is a lifetime beneficiary plan to provide financial compensation for the unfortunate demise of the insured person. The compensation is provided to the insured person’s family members. To have this, the insured individual has to pay a premium on a certain time basis. Life insurance service can be classified into the following types -

  • Endowment plans -An endowment plan is for those who want to have investment and insurance benefits. A part of the insurance is kept for insurance and after the death, the amount is given to the beneficiary.
  • Term life insurance plan -This is the most common and preferred insurance policy. After the sudden death of the insurance holder, the amount is given to the beneficiary. Another one is maturity benefit in which the beneficiary receives an amount after a certain period of time as a mature amount.
  • Unit Linked Insurance plan -It is a kind of insurance plan where half of the paid amount is invested in the market securities and the rest half for the insurance coverage. Based on the risk factors, the insurer diversifies the fund in debt, hybrid assets as well as in equity. The lock-in period is five years and partial withdrawals are allowed in it
  • Money-back plan - It is a plan where the insured person receives an accumulated amount as a bonus at the end of the plan. In the money-back plan, the bonus is provided at intervals.
  • Whole life insurance planAs the name suggests, it is a lifelong insurance plan and once the person dies, his/her beneficiary receives the amount.
General Insurance Service

General insurance is a contract between a policyholder and a company to provide monetary beneficiary or provide cover for any risk other than the life risk. The responsibility of general insurance is to safeguard valuable properties against disasters, accidents and theft. To acquire this service an individual needs to pay a timely premium, which will work for the value of the protection. RRSB Forex is one of the most trusted names when it comes to avail different kinds of general insurance policies in Delhi. General insurance can be classified into the following types -

  • Travel Insurance service of RRSB Forex -Travel insurance is a kind of plan that protects against any kind of loss you might face during travelling. However, this is only for minor losses, such as last-minute ticket cancellations, any kind of medical emergency, and delayed suitcases, and such. RRSB Forex provides several added benefits and reward points for those who will be availing of the travel insurance service. They are known as one of the best travel insurance providers in Gurgaon.
  • Vehicle Insurance service of RRSB Forex -Vehicle insurance is a policy that protects any physical damage on car, truck, and motorcycles by providing money. RRSB Forex provides this policy and earns a reputation for its terms and condition.
  • Health Insurance service of RRSB Forex -It is a type of insurance, which is meant to cover the medical expenses of a person. Such kinds of medical expenses include - the cost of medicines, doctor consultation fees as well as charges of hospitalization. One of the best policies of RRS Forex is its health insurance policy. Their terms and conditions along with the rewards and other benefits they provide have made them Punjab’s one of the best insurance coverage providers.
  • Home Insurance of RRSB Forex -- It is an insurance policy bought to acquire coverage for the home along with the belongings it has. Also, insurance policies are provided for temporary living expenses as well. For home insurance, RRSB Forex has several conditions and rules, which are easy to adhere to for the policyholders.
General Insurance service of RRSB Forex

RRSB Forex has emerged as one of the most trusted insurance service providers in Punjab, Delhi and Gurgaon to avail varied kinds of insurance policies. Their lucrative offers and convenience have made them one of the best providers of insurance policies in India

Why should I choose RRSB Forex for availing myself of general or life insurance?
  • Lucrative offers
  • Convenient terms and conditions
  • Customer care to support you round the clock
  • More than 10 best insurers to choose from
  • Reward offers
Frequently asked questions

1. What is insurance?

Insurance is a kind of agreement with a company. As per that agreement, you have to pay a certain amount of money regularly. On behalf of that, the company will provide or pay the cost of a property lost by you or in case you die.

2. How many types of Insurances are there?

Insurance is of mainly two types - Life insurance and General Insurance Life Insurance is classified into -

  • Endowment plans
  • Term life insurance plan
  • Unit Linked Insurance plan
  • Money-back plan
  • Whole life insurance plan

General Insurance can be classified into -

  • Home Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance

What are the criteria to get Insurance?

  • The minimum age should be 18 and the maximum age is 70
  • A certain amount of income
  • Any property to keep as mortgage

4. What is the difference between life insurance and general insurance?

The following table will give a brief and clear idea regarding their differences -

Life Insurance General Insurance
It is financial aid provided to the beneficiary when the insured person dies for an unfortunate cause. It is a financial coverage given for any sort of physical damage to varied properties such as a vehicle, home, and health.
It is not a contract of indemnity. It is a contract of indemnity.
Life Insurance has saving factors. General Insurance does not occupy any saving facets.

5. Why Is Insurance required?

Insurance is financial security for times when any unfortunate event will occur and make a harmful impact. The insurance will act as a financial saviour for such times. For health, vehicle, home or any other assets, insurance policies are available.

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